US Lawmakers Requested President Trump Advisor to Hold Blockchain Forum

By Anne W. | June 1, 2019

A number of US lawmakers have urged Lawrence Kudlow – President Trump’s advisor and National Economic Council director – to host a forum for blockchain technology. 

Specifically, in a letter drafted by U.S. Representatives Trey Hollingsworth, 7 other congressmen, including Darren Soto, Bill Foster, Tom Emmer, Ted Budd, Josh Gottheimer, David Schweikert and Hollingsworth himself, have voiced their inquiry to hold a blockchain forum.

The National Economic Council of the United States is the principal forum, used by the U.S President, to handle policy-related problems of the economy. Aside from the request to host a forum, the group also requested the director to put blockchain into the government’s list of emerging technology initiatives.

Per the letter, the lawmakers stated that the laws applied for emerging technologies have been drafted too long ago, and in desperate need of a proper update. They also mentioned the bad effects could have on the growth progress of such technologies, nominally blockchain if clearly defined regulations are not determined.

“Blockchain technology is an example of digital innovation that has the potential to transform a myriad of industries through its ability to improve the transparency, efficiency, and security of transactions and information in the financial services, health care, insurance, trade finance, and supply chain management sectors, among others.” The group stated the possible positive impacts blockchain could bring to numerous economic fields in the US.


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