US National Pork Board to Adopt Blockchain in Food Supply

By Emily Rys | March 20, 2019
US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Approves the Blockchain Promotion Act

On March 18th, The United States National Pork Board has announced its partnership with Ripe Technology, Inc. (Ripe.io) – a startup applying blockchain technology into food supply. This partnership tends to launch a blockchain-based platform use in the pork industry.

The partnership with Ripe.io will provide a blockchain-powered ecosystem that tracks and evaluate sustainability activities. It also provides food safety standards and public health, protect the environment, and improve life quality.

Based on the We Care℠ framework, the platform is said to ensure transparency and trust. Raja Ramachandran, co-founder of Ripe.io, has noted that “through blockchain, customers like the National Pork Board can enable its organization and members to create shared, immutable trusted records that address critical food issues such as sustainability, quality, traceability, waste and fraud.”

Through a distributed permissioned ledger, parties can access to the ecosystem to see program data to guarantee valid certifications. According to Ripe.io, the data remains anonymous for ethical principles.

Blockchain technology has been widely applied in supply chain to create efficient businesses. Earlier this March, major shelf-stable seafood company Bumble Bee Foods announced the launch of the SAP® Cloud Platform Blockchain service to trace the production chain of yellowfin tuna.

French supermarket giant Carrefour also applied blockchain technology in tracking the supply chain for micro-filtered full-fat milk, as The Crypto Sight reported this March.

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