US Navy Piloting IoTeX-based Initiative to Streamline Medical Supply Lines

By Tracy Hannes | November 23, 2021

The US military is making strides in harnessing blockchain features for enhancing its processes, via inking a $1.5-million contract with Consensus Networks to build the blockchain logistics system HealthNet. 

Specifically, the initiative – with the contract signed in May this year – was reportedly developed on Internet of Things-centric blockchain IoTeX, is fifty percent done with the design, with the release date for the pilot approaching, slated to come out in early next year. 

Consensus Network reportedly has a goal of offering monitoring and logistics in a real-time manner, for approximately 700,000 sailors and marines using the HealthNet platform.

The developers reportedly selected the IoTex blockchain in a bid to satisfy the security and scalability requirements of the Navy.

Nathan Miller, current Head and founder of Consensus Networks, reportedly disclosed that the initiative is half way done, with the U.S. The Navy expressed satisfaction with the project so far. 

He additionally revealed that the Navy would “participate along with other partners who are interested in the blockchain-powered HealthNet.”

Pilot projects aimed at streamlining the old-fashioned and inefficient networks reportedly include medical logistics, the demand for pharmaceuticals, prediction of blood product demand, and supply of prostheses and medical equipment.

“It is hard to believe that today automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, have a better network for ensuring the health of their vehicles in the shop or on the road than the medical sector has to monitor and safeguard the health of people.” Miller foresees that the medical sector is gearing up to renew its networks with blockchain-powered solutions. 

HealthNet will not cater only to the Navy, as highlighted by Miller. It would further offer assistance to the medical operators, in utilizing an integrated data environment and an interface to track medical suppliers from manufacturer to patient,in an attempt to bring down delivery time and waste.

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