Vaccination-Proofing to be Released by Civic On Android And iOS

By Katelyn James | June 18, 2020

Civic Technologies – a San Francisco firm specialised in digital identity tools – has reportedly rolled out its Civic Wallet across the App Store and Google Play. 

Specifically, Civic Wallet has reportedly teamed up with Circle Medical – a hospital in San Francisco – to release a vaccination-proofing solution for the people working at Circle Medical. 

Particularly, Five hundred Circle Medical employees will reportedly be subjected to Covid-19 testing at a Circle Medical facility, situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additional areas will reportedly be available in the coming future. 

Over 100,000 individuals have reportedly registered for the app’s private beta waiting list, with over 12,000 downloads since the launch. 

Per Civic, its technology is reportedly built to provide security for individual identity privacy, giving users the freedom to select the data they wish to share, or not to share. 

“When a user signs up with Civic Wallet, they are authenticated as a real person, using both AI and blockchain-based technology. Once verified, Civic Wallet holders have more control over the information they share with third parties. For example, Civic Wallet users may share their Health Key but not provide their name or address to a requesting company.”

“Civic is not only compliant from a regulatory standpoint, but they are also deeply committed to doing what’s right for their users.” George Favvas – co-founder and head of Circle Medical – reportedly claimed. 

Different from other crypto wallets, passwords or seed phrases will reportedly not a required part the clients have to remember anymore.

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