VeChain eNFT Vaccination Certificate With Global Verification Received San Marino Approval

By Emily Rys | July 4, 2021

The Republic of San Marino has reportedly issued its approval for VeChain’s NFT-powered vaccination passports, which can be verified across the globe. 

Specifically, San Marino reportedly disclosed details of the ‘Decree-Law No. 109 of 16 June’ receiving the green light on July 2nd, which facilitates the release of a vaccination passport called the “San Marino Digital Covid Certificate.”

The collaboration will reportedly come with the participation of DNV – the entity in charge of offering digital assurance over the initiative.

The vaccination passport will reportedly hold the information of past infections, negative test results, as well as offering a digital vaccination certificate.

The issuance of the digital vaccination will reportedly be finalized according to requests generated by approved centers by San Marino health authorities. The information will be recorded on the VeChainThor public blockchain – via connecting with an enterprise non-fungible token (eNFT) to an individual’s Covid-related medical history.

The certificate will come with two scannable QR codes, offering an access gateway into an individual’s Covid-related medical history.

The first code will reportedly be compliant with the standards and requirements set by the EU, and verifiable by approved member states and entities.

“The use of VeChain’s blockchain technology and, in particular NFTs, makes it possible to increase confidence in the authenticity of the information, reducing the risk of counterfeiting,” Renato Grottola, Global Director Growth, and Innovation at DNV, further remarked.

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