Verisign Granted US Patent for Blockchain-based Domain Names

By Chris Torres | July 22, 2020

Verisign – a publicly traded firm offering domain name registry services – has reportedly been successful in obtaining a US blockchain-powered patent. 

Specifically, Verisign – the domain name registry heavyweight managing the ‘.com’ and ‘.net’ domains – has reportedly been granted a patent number 10,721,060, which applies blockchain tech to domain names, by the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The new patent – dubbed “Domain name blockchain user addresses” – reported brought up numerous primary benefits and technical advantages, related to registrants utilizing their domain name system (DNS) domain names in a blockchain network.

It is reportedly able to offer the power to use domain names bought in the traditional DNS environment in a blockchain environment. Verisign reportedly disclosed that via the employment of the tech, the registry allows users to turn traditional domains into a “blockchain user address”, as well as facilitate interactions with different participants on the network.

“If a registrant owns example.com, they may wish to be able to use it as their blockchain user address. This enables a human friendly way to interact with other blockchain participants by using domain names as addresses instead of numbers […] it permits blockchain participants to utilize their web presence, e.g., example.com, as their blockchain presence.”

The patented techniques reportedly also comes with public and private keys supervision, via a DNS registry on the blockchain network, together with operating requests for the so-called “proof of registrar” records.

The system reportedly allowed receiving and safekeeping features of the information on a blockchain network, as well as its connection with an existing blockchain user address for the registrant.

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