Voyager Crypto Broker to Initiate European Expansion Following New Collaboration

By Katelyn James | October 22, 2020

Crypto brokerage firm Voyager has reportedly forged an alliance with LGO – an EU-based digital asset exchange serving primarily institutions – to expand its offering across the European market. 

Specifically, LGO will reportedly function as a gateway for Voyager to establish its footprints across Europe. 

“LGO and Voyager will merge their services and offerings under the Voyager brand, to offer a premium experience to retail cryptocurrency investors, in the US and in Europe. European clients will be able to access the Voyager app using the LGO regulatory setup in Europe, and both LGO and VGX tokens will be merged into a new token.” Head of LGO, Hugo Renaudin, reportedly remarked regarding the development. 

Operating as a crypto broker, Voyager reportedly provides facilitating features for clients via its platform. Using an individual exchange, nominally Coinbase, means the clients will only be able to get a hold of the liquidity and volume of that platform exclusively. 

Brokers, on the other hand, will be in charge of redirecting trades to a wide range of exchanges for clients. 

Coming from only serving US-based clients, Voyager plans to include Europeans retail customers in its portfolio with the new expansion initiative, providing them similar access to its platform like for US customers. 

“As users of a global app, they will benefit from the services of a bigger player, with more reach and better services (better prices, more assets, better rates),” US clients can reportedly also be beneficial from the collaboration. 

“Also, token holders globally (in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere) will benefit from the new token, which will have more utility and features for the Voyager app user.”

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