WarnerMedia Entering Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Via Subsidiary

By Chris Torres | September 18, 2020
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Multinational media and entertainment conglomerate, WarnerMedia, has reportedly become the next big name to enter the blockchain gaming ecosystem, through its subsidiary – Turner Sports.

Specifically, WarnerMedia – the heavyweight behind sports broadcasts across popular channels, nominally TBS, TNT, TruTV and others – has reportedly disclosed details about “Blocklete Games”. 

“Blocklete Games” is reportedly designed to function as an environment, enabling different activities, such as collecting, training, trading and competing with digital athletes, while being rewarded with cash prizes.

Implementing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was reportedly the deciding factor that led to the development. Anyone who plays Blocklete Games will have in their possession digital athletes – dubbed “Blocketes”. These “Blocketes” are subjected to purchasing and selling activities, via the gaming brand’s open marketplace platform. 

Because of the way they function – like an Ethereum token – every Blocklete reportedly offers one particular signature which ensures the one-of-a-kind status for each player.

Turner Sports reportedly revealed the first game of the platform would be “Blocklete Golf” — a simulation game that offers NFT-backed “Blockletes” golfers.

“With Blocklete Games, we see a transformational opportunity to give fans more control over the video gaming experience by reversing the conventional power dynamic between player and publisher. Our service leverages the blockchain such that anyone can play personalized sports games with their friends, with the potential to also generate a return on their investment in the game.” Yang Adija, VP of business operations & strategy at Turner Sports, reportedly remarked.

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