What is BEE Coin (BEE)?

By Jenny Aurora | July 26, 2021

Detailed Introduction

BeeEx.com the first fully transparent integrated crypto exchange with 100% reserve system. BeeEx.com jointly invested by Pivot (the world’s largest blockchain investment exchange platform), BHEX (the world-leading DeFi technology service platform ) and Blackpool (a blockchain service provider). BeeEx.com platform has a high performance of millions of transactions and has a leading technical team and operation team in the digital currency industry.

BEE Coin (Symbol: BEE) is a native cryptocurrency issued by BeeEx.com. The total circulation of BEE is 100 million, there is no reservation and additional issue, and 100% BEE will be produced through trading mining. BeeEx.com will buyback BEE and burned it weekly with platform fees and activity income, to a total of 21 million BEE. BEE holders will receive a series of platform benefits such as discount handling fees and subscriptions in the future.

Features: Data is 100% transparent, 100% BEE mined by trade mining, 100% reserve [Secure & Reliable], Deflation economic.

1. BEE Issuance

BEE will be mined on the BeeEx platform through open and transparent trading. The mining is divided into five stages, and the output will be halved after each stage, until 100 million BEEs are fully mined.

The first stage: 300,000 BEE per day for 180 days;

The second stage: 150,000 BEE per day, for 180 days;

The third stage: 70,000 BEE per day, for 180 days;

The fourth stage: 30,000 BEE per day for 180 days;

The fifth stage: 10,000 BEE per day for 100 days.

All users who participate in trade mining on the BeeExee platform can share the BEE reward of the day.

2. BEE Mining Mechanism

Mining Volume determines your BEE income. 

Actual Volume:

The user’s actual trading volume on BeeEx.com(Including Buy+Sell, Fait OTC and API trading are not included)

Mining Volume: 

Because Activity Bonus and Invitation Bonus have enabled some users to get accelerated rewards. The actual trading volume after adding accelerated rewards is mining volume.

Calculation formula:

User Daily Mining Volume = User Daily Actual Volume * (1 + Activity Bonus)  + Invited Friends’ Daily Actual Volume * Invitation Bonus

User Daily Output BEE Quantity = Daily BEE Output Total * User Daily Mining Volume / Total Users‘ Daily Mining Volume

3. Mining Bonus

Activity Bonus: The BeeEx platform will hold activities from time to time, sponsored by other project teams; during the activity, holding  the sponsor’s token can obtain the “Activity Bonus” to speed up mining.

Invitation Bonus: Please refer to the rules of the [BeeEx Community Partner Program].

4. BEE Rights

  • Participate in the Token Sale;
  • Discount trading fee;
  • Enjoy the scarcity of BeeEx’s continued buyback and token burn;
  • Stake BEE to become a BEE partner and obtained a super invitation coefficient;
  • More scenes, stay tuned.

5. Buyback Plan & Token Burn

The 70% net fee per day that the BeeEx platform receives will be used for buying back BEE on the secondary market . 70% of the activity revenue and sponsorship fees received by the BeeEx platform will be used for buying back BEE on the secondary market .

Every week, all the BEEs bought back will be burned/destroyed, the on-chain transactions will be announced at the first time; the burning plan will be implemented until the total circulation is 21 million.

Asset introduction

Asset name: BEE Coin

Symbol: BEE

Total Circulation: 100,000,000 BEE

Protocol: ERC20

Contract: 0x1763ad73694d4d64fb71732b068e32ac72a345b1

Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x1763ad73694d4d64fb71732b068e32ac72a345b1

Allocation: 100% BEE is for the trade mining pool, No private placement, no reservation