What is Chipstars (CHIPS) token?

By The Crypto Sight | October 11, 2021

Chipstars provides an online poker platform customized to meet the demands of today’s crypto communities. We bridge the gap between the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and the realm of online poker.

At the heart of the chipstars platform is the $CHIPS token, providing access to tournaments, rakes, table rentals, and opportunities for liquidity providers to earn passive income generated by the platform

With rapid growth in mind, we offer a lucrative two-level affiliate program from the very beginning, helping us reach a wider audience by sharing profits generated by the platform.

Chipstars brings crypto and poker closer together by providing a premium experience, frictionless access, and provably fair gameplay through our state-of-the-art poker solution that will leave you breathless.

Market Analysis

The crypto and poker communities share many traits that help them be successful in the game and in life. Their appetite for calculated risk, competitiveness, and rewards are unmatched in any other industry on the planet.

Many former poker players have joined the ranks of crypto citizens and are now regularly trading with and investing in cryptocurrencies. The same applies to crypto users who are looking for an engaging past-time when the market is not suitable for their activities, many finding poker to scratch that itch for risk/reward.

The poker industry, in general, is an extremely large market worth over $58 billion dollars in 2019 and is forecasted to reach up to $92 billion by 2023. Chipstars provides investors with the ability to get in on the ground floor of a business that’s situated in an extremely lucrative industry

As a fully regulated and licensed company in the United Kingdom chipstars is breaking new ground in the online poker world, bringing it closer to crypto than ever before.

The platform, even in its beta form is already attracting significant 100% organic attention from clients. Our current successes are achieved without any advertising, which is an untapped marketing venue for chipstars at this stage

Combined with the referral system, token economics, advertising will provide a significant growth boost.

What makes chipstars different?

As gamechanger we know we have to continually reinvent ourselves, adjust to the demands of our customers, and pursue them accordingly. Our products include poker together with many well-established DeFi principles. In designing our features, we have taken into account the current trends and preferences of players.

Our key difference from competitors lies in the way we manage our revenues, making them available to our clients. This industry-wide novelty makes us extremely proud and it has already earned us significant attention from prospective clients around the world.

The token system put in place helps us align all interested parties toward a singular vision of success. Everyone that helps the chipstars platform succeed benefits in the end. Even players, who are traditionally considered to be the end consumer of a service benefit from their game time on the platform, an unprecedented move in the poker industry

Our business model targets both fans of online poker and the crypto community. Our platform is specifically made to allow both members of the crypto world and online poker enthusiasts to thrive and find benefits with us. We also provide different features that allow for an extremely versatile gaming experience

Chipstars offers a unique experience for crypto fans and poker enthusiasts. The platform connects the crypto world and the world of online poker enthusiasts. Merging an appealing poker experience with the demands of the crypto community and offer a modern platform that is already proving to be very successful, and we would like to build on this success.

Quality is always the main priority for us. We not only want to ensure fun and pleasure but also facilitate high-quality experiences, which is why we are constantly improving ourselves and our solutions in order to be able to offer the best deals.

Variety of choice

Generally, we have opted for a poker solution with a very large number of features that provide our customers with numerous options to customize their gaming experience. Both crypto fans and online poker enthusiasts will feel right at home with us and can have a blast. Our appealing platform can be used in many ways and offers numerous possibilities with its various features.

We always come up with solutions that meet the objectives and strive to take a variety of approaches to create an unforgettable gaming experience. In addition, we offer our customers numerous benefits that go beyond the pure gaming experience.


The tokenomics of the $CHIPS token will be adjusted to increase its flexibility and provide us with opportunities to experiment and further explore blockchain technology, potentially helping develop creative use cases for the token.

We are going to increase the total amount of $CHIPS tokens to 95,000,000, which is a 100x increase from the previous token supply. The tokens originally planned for the IDO will not be minted and we are keeping the rest of the original vesting and token distribution schedule intact.

$CHIPS Revenue and Staking

At launch, the only use case will be the ability to share in platform revenue, which as we explored above, is non-existent at the moment. To accomplish this promise, we are working closely with ethbox to create and set up a staking system that will reward holders and LP providers with increasing levels of revenue depending on specific rules, which we will publish in the next couple of weeks.

The target date for establishing a staking platform is November 1st, with rewards rolling out from November 5th. Rewards will be added to the staking platforms regularly, once a month, with the exception of months during which the entire Chipstars platform is operating at a loss.

To provide information to investors, we will be working to establish an API connection that provides real-time data to the ethbox smart contract staking system. This system will also help us to connect unique wallets to unique email addresses. This will be an opt-in feature for investors holding 100k Chips or providing an equal amount of liquidity to the CHIPS/BUSD token pair on Pancakeswap.

All vested tokens, including team tokens, LP pool, and marketing/community reward wallets will be blacklisted from receiving rewards from the staking system, making sure that rewards are always provided to tokens in the circulating supply.

It’s important to note that having less than 100k CHIPS does not disqualify an investor from receiving rewards, but limits their ability to receive the monthly performance reports which will provide valuable information about Chipstars’ success or failures in any given month.

​How and Where to Buy CHIPS token?

CHIPS token is now live on the Binance mainnet. The token address for CHIPS is 0xd3c563ec2cddee3d68b5d361b977558bf7c02a54. Be cautious not to purchase any other token with a smart contract different from this one (as this can be easily faked). We strongly advise to be vigilant and stay safe throughout the launch. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you.

You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…

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