What is HUPAYX (HPX)?

By Shannon Wilson | November 18, 2021

HUPAYX is A Hybrid Blockchain (private & public blockchain)-based mobile payment solution provider coupled with TechFin business model, which is operated by The Human Plus – a System Integrator and Development company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company strives to create a new global paradigm in the blockchain-based everyday economy and enables never before real-life application of blockchain-powered payments to both consumers and merchants and enables them to pay and accept payments in their desired payment methods.


HUPAYX end-to-end mobile payment platform is comprised of Shuffle Wallet and Vault POS:

On the customer side we have – ‘SHUFFLE’

It’s a Multi-Digital Currency Wallet, where users can easily send, buy, store and most importantly pay in ‘SHUFFLE’ points (prepaid e-money). Crypto users can import their digital assets, store them or do near-instantaneous P2P transactions between SHUFFLE wallet users for free. Real-life crypto utilization by converting crypto into points inside of the wallet and making purchases at ‘VAULT’ point-of-sale system supported merchants.

On the merchant side we have – ‘VAULT’ 

It’s a Mobile and stand-alone POS system, which can be downloaded for free to merchant smartphones or tablets and can be easily added to the existing pos terminals. Various options and fee structures make it very applicable for SME retailers, as a minimum scheme fee of 0.5% is charged per transaction if paid in Shuffle points (prepaid e-money) and various rewards are available for users in the form of exclusive discounts or coupons inside of HUPAYX payment ecosystem.


HUPAYX utilizes the most important elements in a blockchain-based payment platform, such as:

  • Performance
  • Completeness and
  • Stability of the transaction 

HUPAYX blockchain MainNet was built on Comos Chain, which utilizes dPOS (delegated proof-of-stake) through Tendermin consensus algorithm and solves problems associated with Scalability and Interoperability of blockchain-related solutions.

Token Economy

  • Shuffle Point = Prepaid E-Money, backed by local currency
  • HX Token = HUPAYX Internal Stablecoin
  • HPX = Publicly Listed Utility Token, Platform, and Reward master coin

Reference: https://github.com/HUPAYX/hpx

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