By Tracy Hannes | January 5, 2022

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry continues to usher in new use cases. Combining the best of gaming with yield farming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) creates an intriguing mix of traits and potential benefits. Successful blockchain games have made the play-to-earn model very appealing, and MOBOX will throw its hat into the ring. 


At its core, MOBOX aims to connect each metaverse through NFTS, ushering in the era of NFT interoperability across blockchain games and platforms. Moreover, MOBOX wants to improve the utility of NFTs belonging to blockchain game titles and introduce additional utility through various efforts. 

The MOBOX ecosystem is designed to promote the potential of play-to-earn without sacrificing the free-to-play concept. Everyone can participate in the various games provided by the platform, ranging from NFT farming to yield farming and blockchain gaming. Furthermore, users can stake in liquidity pools or use MOMO NFTs to earn staking rewards paid in the native MBOX currency. Staking the MBOX tokens can reward unique MOMMO NFT Mystery Boxes, creating an extra incentive for users to hold on to the native currency and put it to work. 

Three main components make up the MOBOX platform:

  • The NFT marketplace: fully decentralized marketplace solution to trade, rent and lend MOMO NFTs with and to other ecosystem participants
  • NFT creator: A convenient set of tools for users looking to create MOMO NFTs using the ERC721 standard 
  • Game creator: A collection of APIs to launch and publish games on the MBOX platform. Moreover, developers can incorporate MBOX tokens and MOMO NFTs into their game with ease.

There was no pre-sale, no private investment, and no pre-mine involved in the MOBOX launch. Instead, platform tokens are distributed based on user activity across the ecosystem’s numerous features and solutions.

How Does MOBOX Work?

The community-driven platform wants to empower users for engagement and experiences. Its infrastructure borrows elements from play-to-earn gaming, decentralized finance’s yield farming, and the popularity of non-fungible tokens. It provides access to all of these concepts through an ecosystem built to let users play for free and earn rewards for being as active as possible. 

The native NFTs on MOBOX are dubbed MOMOs and can be acquired through mystery boxes. Users who receive these NFTs can trade them, stake the NFTs to farm MBOX tokens, or use them as collateral for other uses throughout the ecosystem’s games.

One of the core games, dubbed MOMO Token Master, lets players rob their friends and foes of gold coins by battling one another. By ranking on the leaderboard, users can earn more MBOX tokens without spending any money. MOMO Farmer lets players yield farm and earn tokens, whereas Trade Action is more educational and competitive, featuring a weekly risk-free trading competition.

The native MBOX token is also usable through Binance’s Launchpad. Users can farm MBOX for 30 days and earn an APY of over 100%.

The CoinMarketCap Robot NFT and Earn Campaign

As CoinMarketCap is one of the strategic partners of MOBOX, the team decided to create a CoinMarketcap Robot. It is one of the five Legendary CoinMarketCap NFTs on the MOBOX platform. One of them sold on the MBOX marketplace for $60,000, paid in BUSD. Moreover, the CoinmarketCap Learn and Earn user won the NFT as a prize, as two Legendary NFTs were given away as rewards. Winning a very rare NFT and selling it for $60,000 is a rare occurrence. The CoinMarketCap Robot Legendary NFTs are artworks but also have utility in the Token Master game. 

To further strengthen the partnership between MOBOX and CoinMarketCap, there was an Earn campaign on our website. Although the campaign has concluded, it includes five lessons to learn more about MOBOX and its ecosystem. Two of the participants were lucky enough to win the Legendary Robot NFT, whereas everyone earned a few MBOX tokens for going through these short lessons.

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/what-is-mobox-mbox

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