What is mStable (Meta MTA)?

By Emily Rys | July 22, 2021

mStable officially launched their first-ever Protocol Token i.e. Meta Token. The main purpose of launching MTA is to reduce investment risk of mUSD trader or holders, as it also helps the user to participant in governance ecosystem that includes voting. MTA token can be staked so the user will regain their loss from the generated revenue of mStable, so users can simply recover lost value by selling MTA Token.

MTA is launched on mStable i.e. permissionless protocol that combines lending, swapping, and lending into one standard format. This protocol implementation will solve major stable coin problems that includes significant fragmentation in same-peg assets, lack of native yield, and lack of insurance. Basically, mStable provides the one-stop decentralized solution for stable coin users that is built of stable, rapid scaling, robust and easy characteristics.

mStable makes an official announcement about distributing MTA token to the early investor with promise, where users need to locked their token for 90 days. the token unlocked went from 2.8% to 11%, as these tokens are still not considered good for investment because of the reason behind launching it. Right now, Meta offers mstable assets rewards on daily basis for ensuring mStable.


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