What Is Multiverse Capital (MVC)?

By Emily Rys | January 9, 2022

Multiverse Capital (MVC), a project that claims to be the world’s first multi-chain farming deflationary token. The project focuses on providing its fan base with compounded buy-backs as they hold the MVC tokens in their wallets. It offers transparency and unique features of farming and buyback as discussed later on in this article.

How Does Multiverse Capital (MVC) Work?

Multiverse Capital (MVC) is a DeFi project that provides its users with staking options, farming, auto-compounding of their MVC tokens, and many other features. MVC is a hyper-deflationary token and allows its holders to gain rewards on each transaction.

Unique Features of Multiverse Capital (MVC)

MVC DeFi 3.0

For long-term price stability, MVC boosts both price and liquidity. Because the protocol from the buyback & burn to liquidity procedure owns liquidity, it can never be dried up.

Users can invest in the best and newest farms and on numerous chains, MVC will conduct all of the farming and auto-compounding. Earnings will be divided automatically via a 10% transaction tax reflection and MVC farmed profit buyback.

The treasury money grows exponentially over time since the farming treasury is utilized to farm on numerous chains and then auto compound its profit. This fund is used to repurchase $MVC in order to raise the price floor, allowing the price floor to rise exponentially.

Farming and Buyback Mechanism

The tokenomics of the MVC token are quite unique. On buys, a 10% portion of the total tokens bought is reflected in the wallets of all token holders.

However, when MVC tokens are sold, 5% of the total amount in BNB is added to the buyback wallet. The fund in this wallet is then used on multiple farms including Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, and more. The farm is chosen based on its profitability at the time the sale has happened.

Another 5% of the sold MVC tokens are sent to the project’s marketing wallet which will be used to pay for digital marketing, developers, server costs, and other similar expenses that make sure the project runs well.

There are two benefits of this feature, as highlighted by MVC’s official whitepaper.

  • MVC token holders won’t have to keep track of the latest and best farms across all of the blockchains supported by the project. All users will do is acquire the tokens, and watch their tokens grow, due to a 10% transaction fee and buybacks from farming rewards.
  • Users are also protected when a sudden price drop happens due to a token sale. This is because 5% of the sale proceeds will be invested in yield farms for strong compounding buybacks.

Hyper Deflationary Burning Mechanism

Every transaction in MVC has a 1.18% burn rate, which is constantly growing. The black hole holds 72 billion $MVC, which accounts for 7.2% of the entire supply and it collects 7.2% of total tax on every transaction since it is treated as a normal holder.

Every transaction in $MVC burns at roughly 1.18%, which is why the MVC token’s total supply is always deflating against the balance of the users, while their balance is constantly expanding against an ever-deflating supply. As the MVC token gets scarcer with volume, this built-in algorithm produces a supply/demand meter which also influences the price of the token and keeps it stable in the long run.


MVC multi boost has a 0% deposit cost and many staking reward pools.

Users will deposit their $MVC into one of our “Multi Boost” earning pools in order to gain third-party tokens, like EPICHERO, THOREUM, and SAFEEARN, among others.

Even if $MVC is not in the user’s wallet, they will be able to get their automated holding rewards of $MVC from the 10% buyers fee, as well as collecting staking rewards in multi boost pools.

If the 3rd-party token is a reflection token, such as THOREUM, EPICHERO, or SAFEEARN, users can continue to receive reflection rewards after harvesting by simply keeping the 3rd-party token in their wallet.

Multiverse Capital (MVC) Tokenomics

The total and maximum token supply of MVC tokens is 1,000,000,000,000 while the current circulating supply is 930B MVC.

Multiverse Capital (MVC) Price

Multiverse Capital (MVC) is now trading at around $0.00001778, as of Jan. 03, 2022. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around $42,233.

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