What is Niobio Cash (NBR) token?

By Shannon Wilson | August 30, 2021

What’s Niobio Cash?

Niobio Cash is a Brazilian crypto-currency created in 2017, with the goal of being a fast, safe and efficient payment method. In addition, five percent of the coins mined by the partner pools will be used to encourage research on Brazilian mineral wealth.

Ticker: NBR
Algorithm: CryptoNight-Heavy (Anti-ASICs)
Block Time: 4 min
Max Supply: 336000000
Difficulty retarget: every block
Start mining November 02, 2017
Based on Karbowanec
P2P Port: 8313
RPC Port: 8314


The main objective of Nióbio Cash is to sponsor research and the development of new technologies that are based on niobium (ore). Thus, 5% of the total mined, by the partner pools, will be destined for a fund, for the purpose of sponsoring Brazilian projects pertaining to this raw material. Currently being used in important and diverse areas, such as magnetic resonance scanners, jet aircraft turbines, nuclear industry, and gas pipelines.


NBR is already a reference in Brazil and even for international currencies:
Niobio Cash pioneered hard forks that other currencies did not dare to do, mostly by changing its algorithm from CryptoNight to CryptoNight Heavy.

Other cryptocurrencies projects follow the steps of NBR:
Karbo used the NBR code in his updates.

Niobio Cash has participated in updates of other currencies:
Helder Garcia collaborated with the hard fork to change the difficulty algorithm of Luka, a currency of Chilean origin, previously held at NBR.

NCIP of Niobio Cash is of international reference:
One of Niobio Cash NCIPs, developed by Prof. Helder, was positively commented on by the dev of Monero.

Reference: https://www.cryptunit.com/coin/NBR

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