WinterGreen Research to Release Blockchain-based Voting App For US Presidential Election

By Emily Rys | April 23, 2020

The WinterGreen Research and Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is reportedly investing resources in building a blockchain-based voting app that can detect fraud.

Specifically, Susan Eustis – head of WinterGreen Research – reportedly revealed that the organization is working towards introducing the app, in time to be applied for the election taking place this November. She also hopes the ongoing situation across the globe can help speed up the process. 

“We anticipate that the digital voting app will roll out quickly, just as the telemedicine market was eclipsed by virtual care delivery from Cisco WebEx and Zoom. Physicians went from doing 200 televisits per year to 36,000 per week within the past month. The same market driving forces impact voting as impact healthcare delivery.”

In order for the implementation of that kind of app to be finalized, a state-by-state authorization needs to be acquired. Eustis has reportedly been in talks with a few authoritative members, and is positive the roll-out time can meet the deadline for the Presidential Election. 

“The WinterGreen Research team has prepared to start training election officials at the local level within a couple of weeks. Virtual voting is the best of any recommended solutions for social distancing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

Per Eustis, the organization is looking into numerous private blockchains for their application, and will shortly disclose the details about their developers. The GBA is in charge of establishing the blockchain standards for the app, while WinterGreen Research handles election officials training.

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