World Famous Boxer Mike Tyson Spearheads New Blockchain-powered Venture for Fighters

By Chris Torres | August 15, 2019

Mike Tyson – the World-renowned boxing legend – is reportedly going to lead a cross-entertainment, blockchain-based venture specifically designed to support fighters of the next generation.

Reported on August 13 by VentureBeat, the newly rolled out venture – named “Fight to Fame” – will be utilizing blockchain tech, in an attempt to power a new, multi-approach platform, specifically created to help fighters succeed in social media, reality TV, film, games, live matches and betting. 

Tyson will be working as the founder and chairman of the sports and competition committee for Fight to Fame. Alongside with him, Farzam Kamalabadi will be the CEO of the company, together with Tim Smithe – who has won 2 Emmy awards – in charge of television producing. Stan Larimer will take up the roll of a crypto and blockchain specialist.

“As a seasoned fighter, I want to mentor future generations, especially future action stars and make sure there’s a path to career success and fair compensation. Building this global platform for them is a passion of mine.” Tyson claimed. 

“This is about wealth generation from the masses, but back to the masses through all the participants and stakeholders. So it is not just win-win. This is multiple wins for all the stakeholders.” Kamalabadi further added.

An economy token particularly for fan will also be launched in the near future, to boost engagement and collect potential income for the fighters, fans and company.

Further information regarding the token will be disclosed in the future. The token will allow its holders to bet and vote, and become one of the factors of a transparent blockchain-powered ecosystem.

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