World’s First Blockchain Phone Soon Enters Bangladesh Mass Market

By Chris Torres | September 10, 2019

Bangladesh citizens will soon can purchase Finney, the first blockchain-enabled smartphone in the world.

Specifically, Finney has recently obtained approval from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to be imported to the country in August. Finney is also reportedly available in the market next month.

Finney was developed by Switzerland-based Sirin Labs after receiving $157.8 million funding in an ICO 2 years ago. The smartphone features a built-in cold storage wallet, secured communications and a decentralized application ecosystem.

In terms of pricing, Finney’s price is more comparable with high-end phones available in Bangladesh. The initial cost of Finney was $999, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 costs for $894 in the local phone market. 

Sirin Labs’ co-founder and co-CEO Moshe Hogeg is confident that Finney offers various facets of blockchain and crypto into one device:

“Before the Finney, you needed a ledger, you needed a computer, you needed wallet software and then you needed to go to an exchange, and then you could convert. The Finney does all of this in one phone.”  

Earlier, The Bangladesh authority was reportedly planning to utilizing the $208 million to pay for Japan and India-based blockchain training for university students, aiming produce human resources with extensive knowledge in fields of distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity.

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