World’s Largest Business Network ICC to Promote Blockchain Initiative Among Its Community

By Shannon Wilson | April 13, 2019
World’s Largest Business Network ICC to Promote Blockchain Initiative Among Its Community

One partnership involving the Singapore-based blockchain startup Perlin and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world’s most influential business organization, reportedly aims to promote blockchain technology adoption across 130 countries.

According to Perlin’s press release on Feb 12, the firm’s diverse experience in blockchain pilots, now combined with the ICC’s access to over 45 million global business members like Amazon, CocaCola, FedEx, McDonalds and Paypal, to name but a few, is expected to “facilitate practical and truly disruptive transformation for businesses across every conceivable industry sector,” Secretary General of the ICC, John Denton AO, remarked in the press release.

Although encompassing copious industry sectors, the partnership focuses on supply chain traceability first and foremost, meaning to trace and identify the history, distribution, location and application of commodities, in order to make it “practical, efficient and scalable.”

The respective area has already seen major improvements with distributed ledger technology (DLT). Earlier in 2019, global services firm Accenture has teamed up with Mastercard and Amazon to build its blockchain-based circular supply chain, aiming at increasing the sustainability and fairness of global supply chain.

Recently, Oracle’s Group Vice President of blockchain product development, supposed that blockchain technology would probably be adopted by at least 50% of companies within the next 3 years, reported by The Crypto Sight on April 12.

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