Yale Prof and Goldman Sachs Expert Build Blockchain-based, Facebook-rivaled Social Network

By Katelyn James | October 22, 2019
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A professor at Yale and an expert at Goldman Sachs are jointly working to introduce a blockchain-powered project, which reportedly could be worthy of an opponent for Facebook

Specifically, David Gelernter – a computer science lecturer at Yale and Mirror Worlds designer – together with Rob Rosenthal – an expert who has spent 19 years at Goldman Sachs – have teamed up to roll out a new social network, dubbed “Revolution Populi”.

The pair is looking to utilize blockchain tech for enhanced user privacy, as well as for the top security level and an enabled decentralization

The pair claimed their new social network will grant the users with complete control over their personal information. Particularly, the ability to give their data to anyone or sell it is at the customers’ disposal, compared to the current exposure they have to undergo when using current social networks. 

Rosenthal has emphasized how important the role of blockchain’s  decentralized feature of plays, in being the main advantage to offer a decentralized database. 

“First of all, it’s decentralized. You can create a decentralized database that’s owned and governed and controlled by nobody except for the users. It can be democratically governed and it is a way to quit that ownership that those two companies have over people’s lives.”

The pair also shared that by implementing smart contracts, their new project will give the power over their data back to the customers, and help them financially benefit from it, rather than letting the social networks, such as Facebook, take it by default.

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