ZCash to Roll Out Support Features For Mobile-based Shielded Transactions Implementation

By Robin Wong | January 18, 2020

The for-profit firm that designed ZCash (ZEC) – Electric Coin Co. (ECC) has reportedly introduced a set of support features, to help enhance the process of implementing shielded transactions on mobile platforms. 

The development, officially released on January 15th, is the complete version after initial testing phase was finalized in 2019, following the Sapling upgrade. 

Electric Coin has rolled out a full set of Software Development Kits (SDK) versions, supporting devices using Android and iOS environments. While the Android-based is an update version, which now facilitate transactions on the Zcash mainnet, of the one released in 2019, the iOS-focused was freshly designed to offer the same types of features to Apple users. 

Moreover, the firm has made a compatible backend service available for mobile customers, to amp up their connection with the Zcash blockchain.

Despite the notice from Electric Coin that they are actively designing the feature, 3rd-party developers are welcome to participate in the process, design and test the process of mobile wallets supporting shielded transactions.

Zcash works as a mixed blockchain, with supporting features available for both transparent and private transactions. Transparent-wise, ZEC adopt the functions of Bitcoin (BTC), while private (or “shielded”) comes with complete encryption.

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