Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Keen to Adopt Blockchain if Regulatory Certainty Expectations Met

By Daniel T. | May 22, 2019

Justin Bgoni – CEO of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has recently claimed that should their regulatory clarity expectations met, the firm will consider taking on blockchain.

Reported by the local media outlet The Chronicle on May 20th, Bgoni is refraining from investing in blockchain until regulatory clarity problems are ultimately resolved, showing his interest in the cutting-edge technology,

“Then there is the money side to blockchain technology. This is a bit difficult, in terms of regulation, we are not yet clear on this and we do not want to do something where regulation is not clear as an exchange. But the technology side is very good.” ZSE chief remarked.

According to the report of The Chronicle, ZSE is interested in integrating blockchain features in a few particular industries in the country, nominally real estate investment trust securities, mineral commodities exchange, and exchange-traded funds.

At the moment, a number of jurisdictions are looking to obtain regulatory certainty for the crypto scene. For instance, the U.S authority has reinvented the Token Taxonomy Act (TTA) for crypto-related businesses in the nation, which aim to clarify regulatory uncertainty by reclassifying digital coins, as well as coming up with uniform definitions.

Ever since the widely known paper currency extinction in Zimbabwe in 2015, the nation has witnessed a rapidly increasing number of proposals for a new blockchain-based currency, as well as blockchain-related activities. For example, a new bill claiming Zimbabwe is a suitable place for bitcoin (BTC) firms to operate, along with a new blockchain summer institution building.

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